Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving Pictures

Pictures are always a good way to keep memories. Everybody is taking pictures all over the world and the good thing about it, is that they will never change no matter what happens with us. Good and bad moments are always present in your lives and if you wanna immortalize it, you should probably take a picture of it, freeze the time and keep it forever with you.Now imagine, if you could add movements to your pictures, a simple gesture or even maybe the smoke from a bonfire going towards the sky. Some would say I'm crazy, but this is possible. A simple mix of a video and a picture together is what you're about to see on these pictures...!

See, it's really impressing and beautiful and if you want to see more of them, please go here Moving Pictures.

See you folks! :)

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Monday, April 22, 2013

MacBook Stickers

We all know Apple and if you have a MacBook this post is probably made for you ..! If you think there's something missing on your Mac, maybe you will find out in the next seconds what it is....This is a series of MacBook stickers for people who don't like to leave the little 'apple' alone..

Apple Juice

Homer Apple 

Ice 'Apple' Age

VW Apple

Zombie Apple

Ghost 'Apple' Busters 

Super 'Apple' Man

Apple Bart

If you think that's not enough, check more of it here...

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Behind The Scenes

Everybody likes Hollywood movies (or almost everybody) but the thing is, Hollywood movies are always full of action and special effects. Sometimes our eyes can't even believe in all of those explosions, car crashes, people flying etc. But have you ever imagined how they do all of that? How do they get people flying, people  with powers, animals that talk...Well I bring here to you a series of pictures that show a little bit more of how all these stuff are made. Enjoy...

Back To The Future





Filming The Empire Strikes Back Credits Roll

Harry Potter

Star Wars

The Lord of The Rings

Ghost Busters

I hope you have enjoyed all of the pictures and if you want to see more of it, here's more..

See you guys soon...


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fallen Princesses

Princesses movies are always great stories with happy endings, but have you ever imagined how it would be if those movies had sad endings...?

Sleeping Beauty
Little Red Riding Hood

If you want to see more of it..Fallen Princesses

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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Mirrored Memory

How many times have you looked in the mirror today? Did you like what you saw!? Did you ever realize how fast time goes? These pics are here to prove what a simple look in the mirror can be in the people's mind. Mirrors are like photographs you will never gonna see again. One more good series of good pics you never saw before..

''Beauty is a eternity gazing at itself in a mirror''

See you next time! ;)
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adding Colors

Has your grand mom already showed you pictures of her and her friends or have you ever looked a very old album where there were no colors? I can bet you imagined that life back there was colorless. Thinking about this color absence, some real genius mind put color on some old pic...! Here you can find some of them...

Anne Frank
Abraham Lincoln
Che Guevara

Now, you can imagine a bit, how things were back there..and if you wanna see more of it's Adding Collor.

See u!
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Drawing Cash

Are you rich? You don't have nothing to do? Do you have a pencil? I've got the solution for all your problems.......draw on all your money!! That sounds a bit weird but let me show you that it's really normal ..

5 Walt
10 Geisha
5 Trees
10 Jedi
10 Bride / 5 Lorn
5 Governator
5 Brain Fart
5 America

I told ya, money isn't the problem! At least for this guy! haha! If you want to see more of it, here it is Money Draw.

See ya.
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